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Garage Door Installation, Repairs, Commercial & Residential.

Eco Garage Door Pros

Garage Door Installation, Repairs, Commercial & Residential.

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Broken Spring Repair

Door springs are utilized to close and open a garage door. The extension spring and the twist spring are the two basic spring types. Even though both springs are dangerous, torsion springs are trickier to deal with and more dangerous than expansion springs. Extension springs are used especially for lighter garage doors,

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New Installation

A Plus Garage Doors specializes in custom garage doors and springs. With any new installation, we will custom build an oil tempered spring designed to handle your particular garage door. Not only are they oil tempered and designed to handle the weight of your specific garage door, they are also much quieter than the average spring and last five times longer.

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A Plus Garage Doors custom designs springs for all types of garages; both industrial and residential. If the spring on your current garage is rusting or making noise, it may be a sign your garage is in need of a new spring. We can either repair your current spring, or replace it with a custom designed oil tempered spring.

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Noisy Garage Door Repair

A noisy garage door is a pain that may wake you up during the night if another person in the family comes in late. While there are several garage door opener models which are substantially quieter than others, we can make your present garage door opener quieter with a repair. Simply call The Up and Up Garage Doors for an assessment on your noisy garage door.

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Cable Replacement

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Eco Garage Door Pros

Types of Garage Door Springs

Each garage door system is different. There are two types of garage door springs: extension springs and torsion springs. The extension springs are used for small lifting that are installed above a horizontal track; these are usually found on a very small home or residence. The torsion springs on the other hand are installed above the garage door and are built to support heavier weights; they include a drum and shaft assembly. All springs we provide to our customers here at A Plus Garage Doors are oil tempered and of the highest quality.

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