Garage Door Repairs

Broken spring repair: Most of the time springs break due to simple wear and tear over time. However, if your garage is especially humid, rust may form on the spring system and decrease its lifespan. When your spring system is damaged, your door likely won’t open or close.

Broken cable repair:  Tear and tear is the most common cause of cable failure. Eco Garage Door. If a garage door cable becomes worn and snaps, one side of the door will rise while the other stays closed. Cables will need to be replaced as soon as possible to avoid additional damages to the door and opener.

Garage door maintenance: To keep your garage door operating smoothly by performing regular preventive care and maintenance.

Section Replacement:  The Panel paint peels  or fade over time. If the door uses metal it will rust or dent. One or more sections can be replaced. if there are multiple panels damaged it makes more sense to have the entire garage door replaced. Replacing broken garage door panels is the most effective way to fix a garage door with one or two visibly damaged sections.

Transmitter Replacement: Garage Door opener remotes batteries goes bad over time. Learn how to program new remotes. Garage Door Opener Remote Replacement | LiftMaster

Roller Replacement: Rollers are important components of the garage door. Cracks or breaks in a roller can cause your door to jam completely, which makes opening or closing a difficult task.

Bent Track Replacement: Bent Track on garage doors are from the parts being worn out or from being struck with a vehicle.  These bent tracks should be repaired immediately so that the garage door can operate effectively. Fixing a garage door with bent tracks requires some track replacement.